Tips for choosing a reputable Norfolk Builder

Our very own Ben Wright discusses some important tips about choosing a reputable Norfolk Builder.

Your home is your biggest asset and renovating or extending it properly can increase its value. However, choose the wrong business for your project and it could spell disaster.

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You only need to turn on the Television and it won’t belong before you stumble on one the latest property renovation or design series showcasing beautiful homes, stunning architecture, renovations of all sizes and Grand Designs that wet the appetite of every possible type go home owner. But with this, also come the horror stories of ‘cowboy’ builders, budgets spiralling out of control and abandoned projects. Extending your home or engaging in building work on your home can be a daunting prospect, when in reality out should be an exciting time your life. The reality is, that employing a knowledgable, experienced and professional construction company will set the foundations for a good relationship. So what are some of the key tips we suggest you employ when searching for the perfect team.

The Busy Builder

A good sign of a company that probably doesn’t do great work is the ability to start your job tomorrow or next week. Yes, there may be some exceptional circumstances such as a large contract cancellation, but the the best builders will more than likely have projects ongoing and will generally have pre-booked commitments that mean you will have to patiently wait for your Norfolk Builder to finish their existing obligations.

Genuine Customer Reviews

It’s always great when clients are so pleased with, that they are happy to provide a glowing review about their experiences. We all know that in the digital age we live in, that fake reviews can be written for websites and social media, so obtaining ‘Genuine’ customer feedback is incredibly important for reputable businesses.. Using a trusted review site with validated reviews such as Trustpilot, is always a great starting point. Customers may even allow a potential client to physically speak with them in order to obtain a first hand account of their experiences.  At BJC Construction, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining the very best client relationship throughout the project, from initial consultations and planning, all the way through to snagging and post project handover.  After all, any reputable business in Norwich and Norfolk would be thrilled for their clients to recommended their Builder to family and friends or to return in future years with the expectation that you’re able undertake their next project. It’s a fact that customers who have a bad experience are twice to three times more likely to write an angry review than customers who had a great experience and one negative review online can cost up to 30 new customers.

Find the right kind of building company for your project.

The building industry is no different to any other sector when it comes down to trades, experience and the services it offers clients. You wouldn’t ask a mechanic to go and prepare a meal in a restaurant kitchen and that same principal applies right across the building sector. You’ll find that builders specialise if different aspects of work and independent traders might prefer to donly tender for smaller work that’s manageable for an individual trades person. Your Norfolk Builder needs to ideally combine great value for money with high quality workmanship and a structured approach to ensure time management and project timelines are managed properly. The very nature of construction work means that unforeseen challenges may appear. This is where experienced builders come into their own, with a reactive approach and the ability to minimise inconvenience and problems serve with the customer always at the forefront of decisions. At BJC Construction, our team provide a service which delivers high quality, great efficiency and competitive costing with a completely transparent approach to how we will approach your project and the costs involved.


The importance of Project Contracts  

A building contract is an important contract because it doesn’t only protect the builder, but also the customer. A contract is simply an agreement between both parties. The builder agrees to who agrees to undertake a specific set of works, and the client, agrees to pay a set amount of money for that work. There are many different forms of contract, but the one that I most regularly use for residential projects is called the JCT Minor Works Building Contract. The drawings and schedules are attached to the contract, so it’s clear what’s included and what’s not, and all of the payment terms and so on are agreed up front. Our team at BJC Construction have this all in hand. Before any works are started on site, our team meet with our clients to sign contracts. This gives clients security and also the builder contractor.

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All building companies should have Employers liability & Public liability. These are vital to any project being carried out. This ensures all clients are covered and gives clients peace of mind. This is a must. At BJC Construction we can provide our clients with all documentation prior to any works being carried out.

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